Monday, August 1, 2011

Raleigh & Alexandria

From the ATL we drove to my friends place in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was last minute, but I am so glad we got to stop there as she just recently moved there. It kind of reminded me that when I get back, my grace period has ended and I should probably start researching jobs. I am really not too concerned with it right now as I do have another week of vacation.

From Raliegh we drove to Alexandria, VA to stay with my cousin. AKA Sean's brother. We went out to dinner at this place called Hard Times. It had the best chilli ever. You got to sample their 4 chilis which was awesome. My friend Dave came to dinner which was awesome since I rarely get to see him.

Today, it looks like we may drive through Annapolis. After that we will stop at my house to drop off some of my things and then we are driving to New Jersey. The car will be droppped off tomorrow and that will be the end of our month long road trip. When dropping the car off, I will have driven about 10,000 miles in total. How ridiculous.


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