Monday, August 1, 2011

"I am from Macon, Georgia!"

In Pensacola, our plan was to go to the beach. Fail. It was raining and thunderstorming the whole time so we stayed in the hotel room. At the Holiday Inn, they had a complementary "buffet" at 5pm. I grabbed a Foster, fruit, veggies, and pigs in a blanket and took them up to our room. It tied us over til we had the energy to try and find dinner. We ended up going to this real dive sushi place. It was pretty awful. We threw away our leftovers in the parking lot trash can. The next day my stomach was torn up.

The following morning, we ate for the first time at Waffle House. Sean and I both left feeling as if our waitress was slighly prejudice. She was extremley friendly to everyone else, but when it came to us her expression changed completely. But the food was awesome.

It has been strange to experience something like this along this trip, after all it is 2011. Even in the midwest, I can sort of give those people the benefit of the doubt when staring at us. But mostly, it annoys me.

Sean and I talked a lot about how strange it is that Florida is inverted. The North acts like the "South", but South Florida has "Northern" aspects.

So moving a long, we found a place to stay in Macon Georgia where we got to experience the south in more fun ways. We stayed at the house of Princeton student. He was a friend of friends through Sean. I believe he was the son of a former Senator in Georgia.

The house was old style. Big open rooms, antique-ish styling. Cats. I stayed in a room that conjoined the living room/kitchen and the foyer. I had a full bath in the room which was nice up until the following morning where Sean stomped through at the crack of dawn--no locks on my doors.

First of all, southern hospitality doesn't exist. It's a myth, so I'm told. Maybe it was just Macon, Georgia. I was really disappointed in that. I hoped to have doors held for me, and hear people call me miss in a southern twang.

Second, there's nothing to do in Macon  Georgia besides have a party at your parent's estate (yes I said estate) or shoot guns. We participated in both.

In Macon, we were in good company and it was cool to see what Macon life would be like. The pictures I posted were from driving through Macon. I'm told it's a rarity to see rain here.


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