Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big Easy

New Orleans was very very cool. Touristy, yes, but cool nonetheless. Great atmosphere, great food, rich in culture.

We arrived in the lower garden district, met our host, a young alum, and peaced out into the French Quarter. Taking a streetcar into the city, I was surprised by the liveliness of the town even on a hot humid Tuesday. We walked around a lot, taking in the sites, eating the local cuisine.

As it got later, the atmosphere got livelier. Beads were being thrown at me! Just from walking around. I'd hear a "wooosh!" and a clapps and on the ground beside me would be a bead necklace. I caught 3 and decided to keep them as novelties.

Later in the night, I decided I'd try a good ole Norleans alcoholic beverage. The no open container laws are kind of crazy. Definitely keeps the city original and active during the week.

During the day, we ate fried alligator, po-boys, and had cafe au laits & beignets at Cafe du Monde. Delicious all around.

Cafe du Mond was so good. We got cafe au laits and beignets and they were delicious.

We rode the trolly home. I got to sit by the window this time, which gave me a nice breeze and a great view of the city at dusk.

Our host had a kitten. It was so cool, but kept me up most of the night. The other part of the night it slept on my back, face, arms, chest, and feet. It reminded me of my old cat Mr. Bojangles. We overslept in the morning ate at a local cafe and drove through the garden district.

The garden district was pretty an quaint. Seemed touristy and filled with shops.

The humidity down this far south is intense. I got filthy gross. We were always sweaty and uncomfortable.

Now we are in a hotel in Pensacola, FL. Beach tomorrow then going to Macon, Georgia. Our Birmingham place fell through. I wonder if people are skeptical to host us as this has happened a few times. I understand being worried about strangers staying in ones home, and i certainly wouldn't allow that. But its funny when people commit then bail. Why bother committing if you have any reservations.

Sean and I tried to finagle a way to get to Orlando to try and go to Harry Potter World. The money factor is holding us back unfortunately.


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