Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cleveland Rocks & Detroit Rock City

This morning we wake up and our Pittsburgh hosts again graciously fed us a wonderful breakfast. Over breakfast, we decided to walk around some parts of Pittsburgh that we found interesting. Compared to last night, the city was dead. It was still amazing to see the downtown area. The PPG building especially.

There is a very interesting part of the city that reminded me of Fells Point in Baltimore City. It was surrounded by buildings, but the center was cobblestone and people sitting and eating. Pittsburgh seems like a great city, a sentence no self-respecting Baltimorean should even think of. I love cities, and I can certainly appreciate this one. Part of the reason I feel a connection to this city is that the downtown area is full of young people, while the outskirts and richer areas are occupied obviously by people around middle-age. With the night life seemingly young, the daytime is pretty versatile. I would love to come back and spend some more time here. We got an open invitation by our hosts, and I hope to be able to uphold that :)

We left for Detroit mid-afternoon. The drive became more flat ground as we passed through Ohio. Same but different farmland. Could just be the interstate. We took a last minute Jersey left into Cleveland with the intentions of visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We went inside and decided not too. The thing I hate about this toursity part of the trip is the PARKING. We ended up paying $10 to park at the Science Center when literally 70 yards away there was $5 parking. Ugh!

But Cleveland was interesting. It was perfect whether for taking pictures and being outside. We walked around Lake Erie which was the 1st Great Lake either of us has seen.

Boy was it smelly. There was thousands of seagulls, and the stench was nearly unbearable. The closer we were to the Brown's Stadium the worse it got. We stayed only maybe an hour and a half and then decided to cruise the downtown area before getting back on the road. Cleveland, unlike Pittsburgh, was easy to navigate. It was a small city, and being that it is a holiday weekend, it was not busy. I could slowly cruise around and look at things while driving. The gridlock also helped a lot. Cleveland is a good mixture of old and new architecture. But the city itself consists mostly of suburban commuters.

Back on the boring highway, we cruise along through Michigan. Immediately we notice the lack of foreign cars. It's quite hilarious actually. Driving along, we passed a lot of factories and car plants. Again, the flat boring ground, but quite an easy drive.

In Detroit, we are actually staying on the outskirts in a place called Grosse Pointe. It is quite cute, again, everything is on level ground. Apparently this town has a very good reputation.

Tomorrow we are looking foward to seeing the Henry Ford Museum. After, we will head to Chicago!


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