Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seattle, the windy city?

Leaving Kennewick for Seattle was so depressing. I knew I'd spend the whole time in Seattle reminiscing. The drive into Seattle was beautiful. We passed a few national parks, so the scenery was very pretty. Very different from the rustic arid Kennewick.

In Seattle, we stayed with a Princeton student who interned at Microsoft. Her apartment was amazing. We snuck into the city for a little, just to hit up an REI and look around Capitol Hill. We ate at a very cute place that had amazing food. We met up with some of Sean's friends at Princeton. They took us around afterwards to an ice cream place.

Our first full day in Seattle was exhausting. We did a lot of shopping damage. But it was so worth it, I needed retail therapy since purchases at REI end up being stuff for backcountry camping that I don't even wanna think about lol.


Seattle is a pretty cool city. It's confusing as hell though since it is all discombobulated. The market was pretty cool, also very touristy.

We went up to the Space Needle after dinner, which might have been disastrous.

Earlier in the day I had a mini melt-down in the library. Not a fan of heights, but I keep putting myself in these situations where I am sky-high in the air. Anyway, the view from the SN was really cool. It was a great time of day. The whole day was pretty great in terms of weather. It rained and drizzled in the morning for a bit, but then it cleared up and it was bright and sunny the rest of the day.

The one thing I have to complain about Seattle is that it is almost too similar to Baltimore in terms of transportation. It is almost as if you need a car to get anywhere. The public transportation is decent, but not exactly safe or remotely comfortable.

I can't imagine commuting into the city.

Today, we are heading to Portland. We will be staying with a alumni family. On to seeing more hipsters-- in Portlandia!



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