Friday, July 22, 2011

Universal and Santa Monica

July 20th, 2011

It was a very busy day. We woke up and went to the Santa Monica Pier. My little cousin who has her permit drove us. She actually is a very good driver, though I still felt like i was gonna die haha.

The pier and 3rd Stree Promenade was very touristy but pretty cool overall. The tempertature over there is much better than other spots in LA. The ocean breeze isn't a bad thing to live by. After some mexican food for lunch we went over to Universal Studios.

Walking through the City Walk, my Uncle and I were talking about Kevin Smith and if there would be a third Jay and Silent Bob movie. We walk a couple more steps, see a camera crew with a huddle of people around and poof, there is Kevin Smith interviewing some random guy. It was pretty awesome to have a star sighting in LA.

My first star sighting of the trip was in Chicago at a Country Club. Brad Wollack a writer for Chelsea Lately and a sometimes guest host of the round table on the show.

After gauking at Kevin Smith, we went in Universal. First waiting in line for the Simpsons ride which used to be Back to the Future. The ride was awesome! I don't typically do rides, and i especially don't do roller coasters. This virtual reality ride was pretty badass. Anyway after that we did the studio tour, which was great, and similar to what i remember when i went at like age 10. Last we had time for the Shrek 4D which was great.

We ended the night eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. Our waitress didn't know where Baltimore was. I nearly died when she said "wherever Maryland is".

The days events led us to get back pretty late. 10:30 we finally stepped foot in their house. I was supposed to meet with my friend who recently moved to Santa Monica, but I flaked as I was exahausted.

July 21

We woke up went to the post office to mail some stuff home, had a Jamba Juice, packed the car, said our goodbyes and left for Pheonix. The hotel here is pretty nice, we had dinner at Crackle Barrel and then went swimming, at night it was still over 100 degrees. But swimming was awesome and so relaxing. It was nice to lay out and see the stars.


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