Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Detroit to a Country Club

I missed writing a blog last night. We we're up pretty late, and the mobile hotspot on my phone was not working well.

Yesterday, we had a Chinese breakfast with the family we stayed with in Detroit. It was interesting to eat some of the same foods offered when staying with my grandparents. It was very home-like for Sean and I. The breakfast was delicious. It seems we are getting a variety of food. We hope to taste local favorites and not just pizza.

After breakfast, we got all packed up and headed over to a local park. In Grosse Pointe, there are 5 areas with 6 parks. One area has 2 parks. The one we visited was on the water of a river I forget the name of. But it was very scenic and right next to a yacht club.

After the park, we drove down Jefferson which took us through mansions and through slums then directly into the financial district of Detroit. Again, this city was pretty empty. We made some spontaneous lefts and rights to see different buildings and structures. We drove right by the Tigers and the Lions stadiums. They we're both nice looking. When leaving the downtown area, we drove towards the abandoned railroad station, which was also pretty cool.

We then made our way to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We met our hosts at Greenfield and they got us in for free with their memberships, which was awesome. We walked around there for a little bit. It was like a 19th century village, which had a lot of historical artifacts. The place had 11 or 9 Model T's which you could ride around it. We did lol. It was a great way to see the entire village sans walking.

We had intentions of going into the Henry Ford Museum, but decided it would be best to get on the road. We were already holding up our next host family.

The drive to Chicago was pretty cool. The driving is getting a lot better. Still country though, but there's more diversity.

I think we arrived in the suburbs of Chicago around 6 or 6:30. We changed and were off to a country club. The atmosphere was unique, and something Sean and I have never been around. The food was good and satisfying after missing a lunch.

The fireworks at the country club started to the Star Wars main song. It was glorious.

That about wraps up day 3.


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  1. wow, a country club! nice. and there is no better way to enjoy fireworks than with Star Wars!