Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Francisco, that's a fun name to say pt 2


It is a beautiful, kind of crazy, but really fun city.

Most of the homless are crazy and mean.

View from the apartment.

Mermaids in Ghirardelli Square

 View of the city

Other than that, our stay was really nice. A young alum gave us her apartment. We didn't even meet her and she left the keys for us. Her apartment was sick. High ceilings, big windows, fairly spacious for a San Fran Apartment. 1 1/2 bathrooms, giant closet..i could go on but im sure you get the jist. The location was ideal. Close to a parking garage, and right in the shopping district.

The people in SF are dressed well for the most part. Occasionally you see the crazy Californians dressed in crazy eclectic clothing.

We walked and biked a lot. Saw the pyramid building, the ferry place market, the Frisco Bay.

At the end of the day, I drove down Lombard Street in the famous windey road. That was a lot of fun. Going up the hills to the top of that street was intense. Our van kept drifting backwards, so i would have to slam on the gas to avoid the idiot behind me who kept pulling so close to me knowing i was burning tires to try and avoid the drift.

We did an impromptu drive to LA. We were exhausted and pretty much saw all there was to see of San Francisco. We arrived around 12:30 AM happy to see our relatives.


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