Saturday, July 23, 2011

Santa Fe to ...not Carlsbad

Santa Fe was really nice. Driving around the downtown, we got the vibe that rich people come here to go on spa vacations. There were ritzy stores and restaurants.

Finding our hosts house was kind of difficult. He lived down this dirt road with only a few other houses around. All sharing the same string of mailboxes. The property seemed big since there was really no yard. The surrounding plots of land were dry and very southwestern. The house was nice and big, and we had good company. The house in general was very open and airy. I suppose designed this way in order to have the dry air circulate throughout the house.

We hung out on his back porch for most of the evening just talking.

He had a nice little garden where he even picked his own collard greens to cook for dinner. Our host was very chill and made us feel right at home. He told us we would hear coyotes in the night, and we sure did. I woke up several times to the howling outside of the house.

He owned the western saddle Russell Crowe's crimson cheeks sat in for the movie 3:10 to Yuma. His dog Gio was awesome, and if  we could've stayed longer, we absolutely would have. We had awesome coffee, made with chicory (a Louisiana thing) , and had a good breakfast to send us on our way out. It was sad to leave.

Carlsbad Fail. The caverns were way out of the way so we couldn't get to see them. No camping either cause my tonsils are swollen and gross and I think i have tonsilitis. I feel like crap. The dry weather got to me. We ended up just driving until we got into Texas. We got a hotel and chilled. It was good to make the drive to Austin much shorter.

Tomorrow I drive 6 hours or so to Austin. I'm excited to see Texas and to shop!


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