Saturday, July 2, 2011

-1 Days

Today has been the biggest mixture of feelings. Stress, fatigue, anxious, giddy, nervous...to name a few.

I worked in the morning, then had to finish packing. We didn't actually leave MD until 2:15. Totally should not have gone out Thursday night. It was insane at Union Jacks, and I probably had too much to drink considering the circumstances.

I got to Joisy a little after 6. We unpacked the car first. Then my grandpa took us to Costco. Our Costco trip was pretty intense. First, it was insane crowded at the Costco. Second, we kinda went overboard. Definitely got some good non perishables, including a case of Monster Energy Drink and Margarita mix.

"What do you need margarita mix for?!" My Uncle exclaims in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant at which we just ate. We met up for dinner and kept our items in my grandpas car for easy transfer.

Sean replies, "Emergencies." Naturally. The smart ass.

After dinner, mama dukes helped me pack up, organize, and condense my stuff. We had to transfer my clothes into 2 of my grandparent's luggage since they were bigger. We organized my clothes based on temperature, hiking, casual, and going out. We also divvied up socks and other things to be easily accessed when that particular suitcase was opened. We got an extra suitcase that has a lock on it. It will act as a lock box. I am skeptical about leaving my things in the reach of strangers. Also, when we are doing backcountry and our laptops and things are staying in the van. The suitcase is so clearly not a Halliburton, but it will do.

This process was completely overwhelming, and I'm glad I had my mom there to keep me grounded. The stressful thing about this was the fact that I do not have a clue as to how much or how little stuff I need. There are so many ifs that ran through my mind.

I have extra ___ because they might get ruined and therefore I will need more.
I have extra ___ because I don't know when I will be able to do laundry.
If it's really cold then I need more than __ of this item.

This process has really made me think about the needs and wants of survival. What can I do without for a month...if not forever. I made a promise to myself. When I get home, I need to get rid of a lot of junk I have. I have so much useless stuff that it's overwhelming and I cant keep anything clean or accessible. Also, it makes me lose track of what I have.

Tomorrow we will get an early start on the day. I need to get all of my things over to Sean's before 8 AM. We need to leave by 8 in order to pick up the van by 9:30. After we get the van, which the rental store is an hour away, we come back to Manville and start packing up the van. Then it's bon voyage and we are off to Pittsburgh.


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