Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coastal Drive

Yesterday we didn't quite make it to Port Orford. We got a room and stayed close to the water. In the morning it was that weird drizzle rain mixture that didn't stop until we got to California.

We drove to Port Orford and found a beach called Arizona Beach. It was misty but beautiful. The whole coast line was like this as well. Just absolutely gorgeous dramatic scenery with beach front and cliffs.

Port Orford is a place one wouldn't expect. It's small, quaint, and essentially a best kept secret of coastal Oregon.

I drove a lot today. We made it all the way through the Redwoods and into Ukiah. Drove around there for a while trying to find a hotel. We finally found one with availability. Apparently, a lot of people vacation in Ukiah, though there didn't seem like much to do.

Back to the Redwoods. Stunning again. The trees were huge and beautiful. We carved "Road Trip '11" into a redwood that was cut down which many others had carved things into.

 You can kind of see "Road Trip '11"

Tomorrow we go to San Francisco!


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