Monday, July 25, 2011

Keeping Austin Weird

We arrived in Austin today. Boring drive from Pecos to Austin. We drove around, and had lunch at a Tex Mex place called Maria Maria. It was delicious. A very different, higher end type tex mex. I guess thats authentic Tex Mex considering the state we were in lol.

This was my meal. I got chicken taquitos.

Above is the meal sean got. I believe it was some sort of beef burrito. He gave me his avocado :)

After eating, we went to the house. We had be advised that no one would be home, so we were to go through an unlocked door in the back of the house. Well that door was locked. We stood on the deck trying to get ahold of the host and then we saw a kid who came down the stairs and unlocked the door for us. He said a quick hello and told us his mom left "directions/instructions" on the counter. We took a look at this list. It was a well thought out and organized suggestions of what to see. This was great. It really helped us get to know the city.

We dropped off our things and headed back out into Austin. We drove around until we go to a park. It was a place that people could go swimming and the water stayed 68 degrees year round. We walked around this park and saw a drum circle!  Then we walked around to see the people and the water. It was gorgeous. Aside from a few floating peices of garbage, the water looked refreshing. People had floaties and kayaks.

We tried to find a few other locations after that but totatly failed. By that time it was getting closer to dinner time and we wanted to head back into the AC and meet the rest of the family. So back at the house, no one had arrived home from work yet. We chilled for about 10 mins until the family walked through the door. They were immediately friendly and curious that we were comfortable. They asked if they could take us to dinner, and of course we accepted. Before dinner, we waited a bit for the babysitter to arrive. In the mean time, Allison, the Princeton Alumni, wanted to show us the bridge that bats come out of every night.

We were dropped off at the hotel near the bridge, It's a real touristy thing to see, and of course we saw it. It was actually pretty cool. A lot of people were there watching either from the bridge--which was packed--or people were on boats.

After the bats, we went to a Sushi fusion place that was absolutely the best meal we've had so far on the trip. The dinner consisted of tempura onion rings, grilled edamame, rolls of all sorts with awesome sauces, and desserts from a world renowned pastry chef. Overall, very Austin cuisine, and very good.

Tomorrow our host is taking us on a tour of Facebook facility. I am super excited.Here's hoping to husband finding at the facebook facility if not networking. I would so live and work in Austin. It is a really cool excentric city. I hope to go back soon


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