Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LA LA Land

Today was really chill. We woke up and just hung out at the house most of the day.

In the afternoon we went to my Aunt's friends house, who is an actress. I won't say her name on account that she may not want her business out there. But if you are a friend of mine in real life or facebook life, you should know who it is as I got a little overzealous when I found out. I'll give you a hint, she was on LOST. Back to the point, we went swimming at this lady's house. She was teaching a violin lesson at the time and was unable to be outside with us. We hung out there for a while and while the lessons were still going on we decided to leave. We were hungry and ready to go.

After dinner my cousin and I went for a wog (Walking and Jogging). On the way back we stopped at her best friends house to see her parents. Her friend is at camp. So we walk in and say hello. The mother is working on her daughters resume. I happen to know a lot about resumes and actually in my last semester of college took a class thats focus was interviews and resumes and things of that relm.
Anyway. the mom was confused with using word, so I sat down to help. In the process, I realized the resume was a mess. So I gently informed her that this one particular thing should be changed and she like had an epiphany. She was such a character. Hyper, happy, energetic... Her epiphany was very dramatic..and it was that I work on her daughters resume. Which I happily obliged. I sat for what was probably somewhere around 75 minutes editing this resume. In the process, the mom made me call the daughter and explain to her the things I was doing. It was quite hilarous and strange. Speaking with someone I have never met and helping her out. She was very appreciative. This girl had huge aspirations and is close to meeting her goals. She is studying and getting certified to become and EMT and a paramedic. She works out with a trainer, does P90x, runs with a 40 lbs vest amoungst other things.

If I could function around people and guts, I would love to be an RN or an EMT/Paramedic. Unfourtunately, I don't have the stomach for it. But anyway, this girl wants to do something great with her life. Went into college knowing what she wanted to do. I commend this girl for her asprirations. I am glad that I did something thats somewhat self-less. On my stressful and busy roadtrip, I was able to help out someone that is going to do good things with her life.

Tomorrow its back to the stress of what is this mayhem of vacation. I'm not really sure what the plan is but it is something along the lines of...

Breakfast: Jamba Juice
Lunch: Mexican Food

Days Events:
Something to do with Santa Monica
Universal Studios
Seeing the Hollywood sign

I am hoping to squeeze in some time to see a friend of mine from home that recently moved to Santa Monica.

Hopefully tomorrow isn't too obscene.


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