Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boulder, the most good looking city to Wyoming, the most good looking state (until Montana)

We got up this morning pretty late. I stepped outside to grab some things from the car and our host, Corey told me to look over there (to the right), cause that's where the mountains are. I stood with a gaping mouth. It was such an amazing view. We didn't get to see the mountains when we arrived because it was dark. This first picture is the view from the driveway of the mountains.

After showering and getting ready, Corey showed us around his backyard, which was pretty big and very nice looking. There were 2 ponds and just lots of space.

We ended up hanging out at the house for a few hours, just conversing with Corey. Corey is my age, 22 and going to be a senior in a university in Laramie, Wyoming. It was cool to hang out with someone my age as opposed to the families we had become accustomed to. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere in general which was really refreshing. The home was located outside of Denver. The land in this area, Lafayette, is pretty spread out & rural.

We headed into Boulder in the afternoon and went to the REI. Which was full of hot guys. In general, Boulder was a good looking place, both the people and the location. We both spent quite a bit of money at the REI, stuffing more crap into the van. After the REI hull which trickled over into a Bed Bath and Beyond hull, we ate at Panera then headed out.

Wyoming was the most beautiful state to drive through so far. The plateaus, and the land was just eye candy. We got to the Casper KOA, took one look at the campsite and then left. We got a hotel. We just couldn't possibly camp there. We were next to a power plant on some dry land. It very windy as well, which did not make for good sleeping conditions. Getting a hotel was worth it. We took a lot of the stuff out of the van to organize and get our things together for Yellowstone. I can't imagine what it would've been like to camp before Yellowstone. It was good to be comfortable and to have a hot breakfast the morning before.

I heard from my friends today, it really made me miss them. I can't believe a week has gone by already!


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