Thursday, July 7, 2011

Full Day in Chicago

Yesterday was our full day in Chicago. We woke up late yesterday morning, getting a late start on the day wasn't too bad though. After showering in this amazing shower, we were served a lovely breakfast of cinnamon bread and fresh raspberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

We were taken to the local grocery store to purchase the tickets --or whatever they're called--to get on the L. Then we were dropped off at the station.

We waited quite a bit for the Elevated to arrive. Good thing Sean is functional with public transportation because I would never have got down there if it weren't for his directional & transportation skills.

On the L, we passed Wrigley Field. That was pretty cool to see. It was awesome that people built their own seating to watch the game from their apartment or row home. I hear they get taxed for that. Travelling through the city was neat. When we got off, we got out at a pretty populated area. Making our way over to the financial district, we mostly just wandered since we didn't know where we were going. We made our way over to the Sears/Willis Tower and waited in line for hours just to get up to the sky ledge. It was worth the wait though. The view was incredible and it was good to get out of the heat. The most exciting thing was definitely me planking the sky ledge. Face down, 103 stories up. What an exhilarating experience that was.

After leaving the Willis Tower, we went on a quest to get deep dish pizza. The first place we got to was really crowded, so we kept walking until we found another place. This place was okay. I wasn't impressed, and I've always been a NY style pizza fanatic. We had a couple of deep dish pizzas and then headed out. I was full for the rest of the day from that pizza. I really didn't each much of anything later. I felt bad since our host family made fajitas for us. I took some on my plate to be nice, but truly I was full.

So after food, we walked around more, making our way to the bean and other sculpture pieces around the city. Going to an art museum and an art college.

We ended the day in Navy Pier. Walking up and down the touristy spot. We thought about getting on a boat tour, but being exhausted, we just left. Finding the nearest L and jumping on it.

It was really satisfying to go back to a comfortable host home and crash. The house we stayed in was amazing, I'm not sure if i have mentioned that yet. But it's the type of house you drive by and wish that's that house you are staying in, when in reality you stay in one of the relatively smaller, less attractive looking homes. To say the least, I would've been perfectly happy spending the rest of the month in this Chicago suburb.


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