Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pheonix to Santa Fe

It's getting to the point where on top of not knowing what day it is, I don't know where I am or where I am going. Waking up in a new place everyday is trippy. But that could be due to the lack of sleep.

Today was a grueling some 7 hour leg to Santa Fe, not including the extra driving around the cities to "explore".

I though Phoenix was pretty chill. Very suburban-like function of the city. No real need for public transportation there. It definitely seems as though in the next 50 years or so, the city will grow and the all the foreclosed homes will be occupied. It has great potential. I really like how that city is set up. It is simple to navigate but also very pretty. Not really much to do, but overall, I'd go back.

Driving around the city, we stopped and got Jamba Juice. It was pretty hot. So stopping to park and walk around was a no-go. We we're itching at this point to see something different. Here, we stayed at a Double Tree. It was super nice and comfortable. Huge pool with a beautiful open area where we swam and looked at the stars. Something that is always taken for granted. We were relaxed after swimming. It was so perfect since it was absurdly hot, when the sun went down the water was still nice and warm. In the morning we had another breakfast. At this point we were sort of getting sick of the hotel breakfasts or at least I was.

In Santa Fe, we are staying at yet another nice house. The guy is really cool too. He welcomed us like we'd known him forever. Being really relaxed from the start, I felt really comfortable. Sometimes, walking into strangers homes in this situation, you can feel as if you are impeding. The guy also has a really good dog, Gio. Gio is quite the character. He is about 2 or so, but huge. A German Shepard and maybe husky mix. Very temper mental and sweet dog.

Tomorrow, if we wake up early enough, we are gonna jump in the hot tub and then head out to Carlsbad. We dunno really what the plan is there yet. We may or may not camp. We may just drive closer to Houston or Austin. I forget which one is first.


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