Friday, July 1, 2011


So I'm totally at a loss of what to pack and how much. Leisure clothes, that is. I think I have over packed for our excursions, outdoors stuff.

I've started to dwindle down my options. Since I don't know when we will be able to do laundry, I'm really taking a guess as to how much clothes I can get by with. Re-using clothes is not a problem. Packing too little, I will be screwed. Packing too much makes everything unnecessarily clustered. I'm trying to minimize the leisure clothes to practical, and dressy. From there, I minimize more by picking items that can be used a few times without getting stenchy fast. It's such a headache!!

Along with my issued wardrobe, packing for everything else is just as mind-numbing.

I've printed out a few copies of my resume. I am hoping that I will actually network with some of these Princeton Alumni. One that I am really excited about is in Austin, Texas. This woman works for Facebook!!! She is also going to give us a tour of the facilities there!

Thinking forward to the exciting memories I am about to have suppresses the stress I am feeling right now.


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