Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Francisco, that's a fun name to say...Francisco

After a quasi hectic couple of weeks, my cousin and I finally sat down and discussed a route. Keep in mind his brain was fried from partying all weekend, and I am exhausted from playing in a two day field hockey tournament which ended, to my dismay, with a minor concussion. My short term memory is shot and I get confused—-I’m confused now trying to make sure this makes sense!! Needless to say this won’t be the most fluid of blog entries, but I’ll re-edit everything once I’m all better.

We began by figuring out where our starting point was…We’re waiting to figure out transportation later after emailing parents and relatives, which we decided would be good ole Central Jersey. Our thinking was it will be easier to do a Costco trip from there, and hopefully we’ll guilt ourselves into getting some extra cash from the grandparent’s lol.

From Jersey, we figured we wanna get to Chicago. So we now route our trip from Jersey to go through Pittsburg. We’ll crash there for the night with some of his friends, and explore the city a bit. Then we’ll move on to Cleveland, through Toledo to Detroit to Ann Arbor. Hopefully in Ann Arbor we’ll find some UMich kids to crash with.

From Ann Arbor we’ll head to Peoria, Springfield, and St. Louis. From St. Louis we’ll go further south to Memphis, Jackson, then New Orleans or NOLA (New Orleans Louisiana) as my cousin types it.

Now, this is where it can get a bit confusing. I’m going to post a link to show you the route we have mapped out… But from NOLA we’ll catch a plane to LAX where we’ll stay with my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins for a day. We’ll pick up their van and start the west coast portion of our journey. From LA, we’re heading north to San Francisco, which I am very excited about. This west coast trip will hopefully consist of a lot of camping and hiking adventures, in addition to the horse farm we’re going to try to stay at. The only conflicting thing here is getting camping equipment. East coast camping we’re planning on borrowing in Princeton’s camping stuff.

From San Fran, we’re going to Portland Oregon, then Seattle—-We haven’t heard where this horse farm is, but we’ll either go there on our way to Seattle or after leaving Seattle. From there Spokane, down through east Montana hitting up Yellowstone National Park, through Idaho, Salt Lake City, to Vegas (which I’m thinking we’ll probably cut out) maybe Lake Havasu if we do Vegas, then to Phoenix and back to LA. In LA we’ll drop off the van and head back to LAX and fly back to the car in NOLA. From NOLA, we’ll begin our journey home. Heading first to Mobile AL, Pensacola FL, ATL, Knoxville TN, Charlottesville VA (crashing at his friends), then dropping me off in Bawlmer.

This trip, if we can do it, will hopefully cost no more than $6 grand.

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