Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Are You Doing This Summer?

That was the first question my cousin typed to me on facebook chat. I responded with a dull. “Well, mostly nothing. Since there are no job prospects, I’m going back to my job I've had since high school, and coaching in the fall until something comes up.” Little did I know my cousin was about to drop an atomic bomb of fun on my summer.

“Do you wanna go on a month long road trip with me in July? All expenses paid.”

My jaw drops. “YES! Absolutely, omg! This is an ideal graduation trip..what’s the catch??” It sounds too perfect to be true.

“Well, you’d have to do most of the driving.”—well duh, my cousin doesn’t have his license yet. He goes on to explain that he’s gonna get his license before the trip, but obviously we know how comfortable new drivers are on the road. *(Update, Sean never got his license, I drove the ENTIRE trip)* Especially with long distance driving and driving in strange cities. By “bulk of the driving” he means, he’ll drive in comfortable places. Totally fine by me, being in 2 badass-totalled car- car accidents, trusting drivers, especially new ones is always a concern of mine.

Immediately I was down. My status was updated “post college destination: EVERYF**KINGWHERE!”. I was surprised at the amount of likes this status got, considering it was a pretty vague post. I think people got the jist of it, I’m not trying to remain in HoCo for the summer.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical for things to come. Not of the trip itself, but of work, job offers/opportunities. I’d just spoke with my boss not more than 2 weeks prior in agreement to return to work a week after I graduate. How the heck am I gonna get out of this? Well so far, I still haven’t talked to my boss to discuss my month long absence. Though, it is the least of my concern. *(Update: I talked to my supervisors who were really cool, gave me the time off, and were excited for me.)

The most concern is planning this trip. Work, I can handle. I plan on working til July, then being done for the summer. Hopefully work will be well staffed for the summer. And hopefully, if by August 15, if I still do not have a job, I hope they’ll take me back post-trip (even with the erratic hours I’ll be able to work while coaching my second season of JV girls field hockey). *Update: Everything worked out with work. I returned to work, working the morning hour shift to allow for my afternoons to be free for coaching.*

Ultimately, I’m gonna see what happens next weekend. Once I get to speak face to face with my cousin, and we begin planning the actual trip.

That is all for now. I’ll post more probably next weekend, after some of the planning is completed. Look forward to hearing about our road trip’s destination!



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